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The Creation of Tinkerbell Enterprises 

All the information used in this course is from life lessons of my own stemming from being a single mother of 2 and having to navigate coming off of government assistance and raising my children with minimal income.

I myself am a Latin woman who is also half black and has been in business since 2006. Being a single mother of 2 gave me the resolve to achieve a better economic status and a better understanding of what was needed to improve my situation and provide a better life for myself and my children.


I took a leap of faith and believed in myself enough to create my first entrepreneurial venture All in 1 Diversified Services in 2006 when my eldest was just 11 and my youngest was 9. I quit my W2 position and started my own Tax business. I worked relentlessly to make the business profitable enough as a seasonal entity so that it would allow me time to spend with my children in the summers when they were off from school. 


I was also faced with the challenge of bad credit. (Low 500's) I read and studied on improving credit and boosted my scores to 730-757 across the 3 credit bureaus. In the process, it taught me how to help others restore their credit. Since then I have helped hundreds of clients. 


After creating my first C Corp in 2006 I was turned down so much for credit and funding and had to jump through so many hurdles to keep my company open it was unbelievable but it taught me all the ins and outs of credit and the funding process. I am shared that knowledge with all my tax clients and have been able to assist many to obtain the right credit and funding they were needing.


In 2012, I incorporated Tinkerbell Enterprises my current non-profit. I ran both businesses simultaneously until the end of Covid in 2021.

Sadly I did have to close All in 1 Diversified during the pandemic after 15 years in business but it made my resolve even stronger to keep my non-profit Tinkerbell Enterprises not just afloat but more visible and teach others how to do so as well.


There has been a pivotal shift coming from the effects of Covid that have changed the trajectory of how small businesses are viewed and especially those owned by women and minorities.  I believe I am just in time to move forward with sharing all my knowledge, contacts, and efforts to help others such as myself to strive for their dreams and do more than just make ends meet...I want to see all the participants I touch achieve and exceed their goals and I want to celebrate their accomplishments!

**Our yearly goal at MAP ( The Minority Assistance Program ) includes the engagement and improvement of a minimum of 100 participants. 

**Through the 100Karat course we educate and implement strategies for our to help them understand :

 Credit, Advertising, Personal and Business Taxes, Funding, Hr services, and more.

We Hope you follow are Youtube channel and like us on all the social media's platforms so you too can become a successful entrepreneur. 


                       1581 West 49th Street

Suite 164

Hialeah, Florida 33012

Satellite Office

Margate, Fl 33063











Mon-Fri: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

          Sat: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
          Sun: Closed





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