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Tinkerbell Enterprises



Tinkerbell Enterprises strives to bridge the gap in our communities.

Our focus is on strengthening the areas we serve by providing needed opportunities to sectors that are overlooked.

We collaborate with vendors, teachers, philanthropists, and other corporations to raise funds in order to further the success of our mission. Together we can bring these impoverished folks into a brighter tomorrow with a purpose in life.


We have developed a program to assist minority families to include 

Veterans, disabled, elderly, Low-income and disenfranchised.

Through M.A.P. (Minority Assistance Program) Tinkerbell Enterprises has developed an e-commerce vocational training program to guide the participants in obtaining the skill set to create and implement their own entrepreneurial venture. 


Our mission is to alleviate the need for government assistance (i.e. Tanf, EBT and other social services). 

Through MAP's, 100 Karat course we hold webinars and other online schooling in multiple languages (i.e. English/ Spanish).

By creating this type of low overhead income through hands-on learning and understanding of government regulations we are setting the tone for a successful future. 

100Karat provides all Tax Service and accounting training. 


We also secure good credit for the participants on a personal and business level. 

The end result is to guide the participant into homeownership which in turn stimulates the economy.


Minority Assistance Program

100 Karat Course

Program Details


Karen Arteaga


Program Director










Tommy Collazo


















Vannessa Sierra







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