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Programs and Services

Tinkerbell Enterprises is 501 (c)3 Public Charity which offers 4 important programs for the community financial and professional empowerment through the Entrepreneur Advancement Program (EAP). The four programs are Financial Consulting, Life Skills building, Professional Skills Building and Entrepreneurial Development.

Financial Consultations for Underprivileged Disenfranchised Members of Our Community

Tinkerbell Enterprises’ Entrepreneur Advancement Program (EAP) will provide a variety of services in the areas of finances, Marketing and travel plus life skills building to underprivileged disenfranchised members of our community. This will provide them with the tools that will allow them to balance their finances, as well as empower them to financial stability and teach them to deal with situations in their daily lives.

Professional Skill Building

The purpose for Tinkerbell Enterprises’ Entrepreneurship Advancement Program (EAP)’s Professional Skills Building is to assist underprivileged disenfranchised members of our community in achieving their professional dreams and developing the skills needed to succeed.

Entrepreneurial Development

Services will be provided on-site in the form of class lectures, one on one coaching, seminars and online workshops. Training also available through video subscriptions and a smartphone application.

Internship Program

Volunteering for our organization can be very beneficial to members of our community. You can become part of our internship program during any part of the year. Our internship program will allow college students to have hands on training, experience and the opportunity of a job in the future. Interns will assist the director in several tasks, such as fundraising, event planning, multiple office tasks, etc. The Internship program will last three to nine months. Our program can accommodate up to 5 interns. We will choose the best performing intern(s) and offer him or her, a part time to full time position in our organization.


Our organization utilizes volunteer recruiting networks and local organizations, to obtain qualified interns. We recruit volunteers according to the task and/or projects that need to be completed. Our organization is always looking for ways to give opportunities to members of our community to receive hands on experience and in turn help the community to the best of our abilities.

Volunteer Duties

Get Involved

By clicking the Donate button below your donation will be used to fund the programs that assist all low income, disable, veterans, minorities and many other folks to teach them how to create a tangible or viable product or business so they can better their circumstances and empower them to feel better, do better and provide hope which is very important and needed by these groups.

By clicking the get involved volunteer button you can help by donating your time or by making other kinds of donations (non-monetary donations). We ask that you do whatever you feel comfortable with but please do get involved. Together we can move mountains and create positive change.