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Get Involved

By clicking the Donate button below your donation will be used to fund the programs that assist all low income, disable, veterans, minorities and many other folks to teach them how to create a tangible or viable product or business so they can better their circumstances and empower them to feel better, do better and provide hope which is very important and needed by these groups.

By clicking the get involved volunteer button you can help by donating your time or by making other kinds of donations (non-monetary donations). We ask that you do whatever you feel comfortable with but please do get involved. Together we can move mountains and create positive change.


Mission Statement

The mission for Tinkerbell Enterprises' Entrepreneur Advancement Program is to assist Low income, underprivileged, disenfranchised members of our community; as well as college students with a particular focus on women, in acquiring the necessary life skills. Entrepreneur training, as well as training in finances, accounting and marketing plus travel will be provided in the form of coaching to develop professional skills that will help improve their work place performance and personal finances which will guide them on a road to success.

Programs and Services

Tinkerbell Enterprises is a 501 (c)3 Public Charity who offers 4 important programs to the community for financial and professional empowerment through the Tinkerbell Enterprises’ Entrepreneurship Advancement Program (EAP). The four programs offered are Financial Consulting: Life Skills building, Professional Skills Building and Entrepreneurial Development.

Personal Statement from The Chief Executive Officer

If you are asking yourself why I developed this organization and what I want to accomplish with it, I will be glad to tell you. The origin of Tinkerbell Enterprises came from wanting more for myself and my children as a single mother. It came out of needing information that I wasn't able to obtain or that no one was willing to provide unless it was at a very high cost that most times I couldn't afford. It also came from the school of hard knocks and guinea pigging myself into situations just to gain the knowledge. This knowledge is what I am passing on through the courses of business development + life building skills that Tinkerbell provides.

Tinkerbell Enterprises LLC

1581 W 49th ST #164
Hialeah, FL 33012

(786) 420-9200
(305) 817-4439

9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Monday to Friday
(By Appointment)