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Mission Statement

The mission for Tinkerbell Enterprises' Entrepreneur Advancement Program is to assist Low income, underprivileged and disenfranchised members of our community in acquiring the necessary life skills, Entrepreneur training, as well as training in finances and accounting to coach them in developing professional skills to help improve their work place performance and personal finances to guide them on a road to success.

Personal Statement from The Chief Executive Officer

If you are asking yourself why I developed this organization and what I want to accomplish with it, I will be glad to tell you. The origin of Tinkerbell Enterprises came from wanting more for myself and my children as a single mother. It came out of needing information that I wasn't able to obtain or that no one was willing to provide unless it was at a very high cost that most times I couldn't afford. It also came from the school of hard knocks and guinea pigging myself into situations just to gain the knowledge. This knowledge is what I am passing on through the courses of business development + life building skills that Tinkerbell provides.

The development of Tinkerbell Enterprise was a long and daunting task but one that I feel very passionate about. I actually haven't even scratched the surface of what I would like to do with this company but I am determined to continue my efforts to reach all the personal and professional goals I have set forth as my mission to better everyone's surroundings that will listen and follow the courses instructions. What I meant by that is not that I want a flock of sheep and that I be the herder, no. I just understand that sometimes you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink. Hence, I have developed some magnificent course instructions on how to become an entrepreneur, how to obtain business credit, develop a team etc., however, the person that I teach has to be willing not only to listen but to implement and follow through otherwise it fails and might as well have fallen on deaf ears.

I believe myself to be a really good teacher, clear with my instructions (being bilingual helps too) since I’m able to reach more communities and more people in need and I am dedicated to the success of others. A teacher is only as good as his best student right? I also believe that the knowledge I provide once it reaches the right hands and perhaps the willing and able sponsors of these programs will make a monumental difference. My programs can turn the lives around of everyone on public assistance. Remove all our homeless from the streets and give opportunities to folks that otherwise would be overlooked for even the simplest of jobs. I know that these goals take years, although I’ve already been working on these achievements since 2010. I’m hoping that with the help of some community leaders in several counties in my immediate area, the guidance of other organizations such as Community Improvement Org and other companies such as All in 1 Diversified Services and its many affiliates that we can provide all the necessary tools, knowledge and perhaps even jobs to everyone that reaches us.

My future goal includes being able to roll out these program courses, education and all other assistance throughout the nation. Of course we need lots of funding, community involvement from other businesses such as our latest contributor Walmart /Sams Club and volunteers to make this happen. I will continue to strive to keep this momentum going so that Tinkerbell Enterprise will be a pivotal part of every county, district and city in need.

Statement of Need Market Research and Opportunity

Tinkerbell Enterprises' Entrepreneur Advancement Program assists Low income, underprivileged, disenfranchised members of our community; as well as college students with a particular focus on women, who reside in Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach Counties, Hendry and Collier Counties. We hope to reach all other counties in the future. The Purpose of the Tinkerbell Enterprises’ Entrepreneur Advancement Program (EAP) is to educate and empower distress disenfranchised members of our community in South Florida, providing assistance in financial consulting, life skills building, professional skills building and entrepreneurial development. The US Federal Government considers members of our community to be in poverty when a family of four has a collective income of $22,314 and $11,139 for an individual, according to 2010 statistics from United States Census Bureau. With South Florida poverty levels being at or above national averages, it’s imperative that struggling Americans receive supplemental education and coaching in life skills and professional skill development; to help improve their living condition and develop the necessary skills to help their workplace performance. Federal and state by state statistics indicate that the national average of credit debt is over $15,000 USD per individual, combined with the high number of foreclosures in South Florida, at 51,700 in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm beach as of Oct, 2010 year to date and 25,996 as of Oct, 2011 year to date, as well as Florida placing second in the nations bankruptcy filings at over 92,000, and the rising unemployment rate in the State of Florida at 9.9% as of January, 2012, being the sixth highest in the nation and well above the national average of 8.5%. We believe that the Tinkerbell Enterprises’ Entrepreneur Advancement Program (EAP) has a great opportunity to make a difference, because it offers a multitude of services and will target the specific needs of the targeted demographic, as well as having the opportunity to impact a large number of underprivileged members of communities in South Florida. Services will be provided on-site in the form of class lectures, one on one coaching, seminars and online workshops. Training is also available through video subscriptions and a smartphone application. Through innovation, monetary effectiveness and strategic planning Tinkerbell Enterprises is focused on making a positive impact on all members who fall within the mentioned categories of communities throughout South Florida.

Organization History

Tinkerbell Enterprises was founded on December 16, 2010, as a non-profit organization with 501c3 determination status from the IRS. Karen Vannessa Arteaga is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Tinkerbell, as well as the creator and developer of the Entrepreneur Advancement Program (EAP). Tinkerbell’s offices are located at 1581 W 49th ST Suite# 164 Hialeah, FL 33012. Since inception Tinkerbell Enterprises Inc., has set its goals to provide education to low income, underprivileged and disenfranchised members residing in Monreo, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Hendry and Collier Counties. Tinkerbell provides service learning, internships, education on finances/accounting and Entrepreneur training through the EAP. EAP's purpose is to assist individuals to either seek work in the industry of their choice from the vast programs offered or acquire their own company through the entrepreneurial services provided. We as a company want to assist all those that face financial hardships due to lack of education or language barriers to become viable parts of society and in turn alleviate the need for social services; which would not only help the communities, state and countries budget but will also give the individual a sense of self-worth and provide them with a better means of success, support and life.

Programs and Services

Tinkerbell Enterprises is a 501 (c)3 Public Charity who offers 4 important programs to the community for financial and professional empowerment through the Tinkerbell Enterprises’ Entrepreneurship Advancement Program (EAP). The four programs offered are Financial Consulting: Life Skills building, Professional Skills Building and Entrepreneurial Development.

Get Involved

By clicking the Donate button below your donation will be used to fund the programs that assist all low income, disable, veterans, minorities and many other folks to teach them how to create a tangible or viable product or business so they can better their circumstances and empower them to feel better, do better and provide hope which is very important and needed by these groups.

By clicking the get involved volunteer button you can help by donating your time or by making other kinds of donations (non-monetary donations). We ask that you do whatever you feel comfortable with but please do get involved. Together we can move mountains and create positive change.